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  Losing weight in a stressful world

The stress of living in the 21st century includes keeping a balance of your personal life, career, kids, spouse, business travel, etc,  while keeping a healthy and balanced diet. Welcome to my world of ‘bad’ genes :) Between all the above, I have neither the time nor energy to cook and eat ‘healthy’.

Time went by and I found myself seriously overweight to a point of despair, agony and guilt every time I ate. My nice clothes fit too tight and no diet I tried ever worked for me.

I found Dr. Cohen’s Diet based on healthy foods, and liked it because it was  tailored for me based on my blood test results. Dr. Cohen’s Diet is equipped with 24/7 online support that is tailored to serve any customer. In addition to a daily diet plan, weight goals are set and tracked. Once a customer reaches their target goal, Dr. Cohen’s Refeeding exit phase makes it easy to get off the diet in a moderated and controlled manner. Additionally, Dr. Cohen provides tip for life after diet, so customers may keep their new weight long after their diet is complete  No expensive special foods, no tonics or pills (besides one multivitamin of my choice), and no appetite suppressants that will cause me to gain weight once I stop using them.

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